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Ask Out

phrasal verb: ask out

Phrasal Verb Lesson: Ask Out

This phrasal verb is the verb (ask) + preposition (out). These two words when used together have a different meaning then when used apart. “Ask Out” means to invite on a date.

This type of phrasal verb is “Separable”. This means that you can separate the verb and preposition with another word. See the examples below:

ask (somebody) out

Judy finally got the nerve to ask Doug out on a date.

Tom is going to ask Rita out to the movies tonight.

ask out (somebody)

Will asked his brother for advice on how to ask out girls.

Mark asked out three different girls and they all said, “No.” Poor Mark!

If you want to ask someone out on a date, here are some useful phrases:

  • Would you like to go out tonight?
  • I’d like to take you to the movies, my treat!
  • It’s a date!

Feeling Blue


“Blue” has been used to mean “sad” since the 1300s. Today, people feel blue, have the blues, and even sing the blues — the blues being a form of music, with songs often about sad topics.

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