English Idioms 1: Money–Hit the Jackpot

English Idioms 1: Money–Hit the Jackpot
Series: Quick Targets in English, Idioms, Book 1
Genres: ESL, Foreign Language Study
Publisher: EnglishMobi
Publication Year: 2014
ASIN: B00MD4269O
Improve your English vocabulary and comprehension with a quick, fun lesson in idioms. Idioms: Money—Hit the Jackpot teaches common and colorful idioms that come from talking about money.
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About the Book

Money is something people talk about all the time, so it is not surprising that we have many colorful idioms that come from the subject. For example, what does it mean if you lose your shirt? Are you going to get cold? And is it better to be in the red or in the black?

Learn these and other essential phrases in Idioms: Money—Hit the Jackpot.

Quick Targets in English E-Books

The Quick Targets Idioms series provides bite-size lessons that are fast and entertaining.

The problem with learning English idioms is that there are thousands to cover. Quick Targets solves this problem by teaching a handful of idioms at a time, arranged by topic, such as money, sports, foods, and study. By studying idiom groups this way, students can more easily learn and remember the material.

The Quick Targets Idioms series features:

• Idiom Groups: Teaching idioms by topic.
• Comics: Idioms introduced with fun illustrations showing phrases in use.
• Definitions & Notes: Simple English definitions, with grammar explanations and notes on idioms’ origins.
• Numerous Examples: Sentences showing idioms used with different verb tenses, objects, etc.
• Lively Dialogues: Fun conversations showing further examples of the idioms in use.
• Quizzes and Puzzles: Review and test your knowledge.

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English Mobi

EnglishMobi was founded by Nicole L’Esperance and John Sailors with the aim of using technology to make English learning mobile, convenient, and fun. 

Quick Targets in English is our most recent book series. This series aims to provide short English lessons that you can study anywhere. Each book focuses on one practical topic and includes conversations, new vocabulary, and quizzes. Most of all, they are fun!

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Jay Sailors

Jay Sailors has spent more than 20 years in ESL publishing in the United States and Asia, and also has years of experience as an English teacher and school manager in Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In his free time, Jay plays video games with his teenage son.

Nicole L’Esperance

Nicole got her start in ESL publishing 15 years ago in Taiwan. Prior to that, she taught English in Korea, Thailand, Montreal, and Taiwan to students of all ages.

Nicole is a native English speaker from Canada who loves to grow vegetables in the garden, bake cake, and walk Sherman and Sasha, the family dogs.